Obec Ivanovce


Ivanovce village is a picturesque village located in Považie region surrounding by large forests, grasslands and pastures. Due to its rugged territory the village owns a large hunting ground. On 02nd May 1995, the Ivanovce Hunting Ground was officially recognised with a total size of 2355,502 ha. It includes forest lands, permanent grasslands, arable lands, fruit orchards and water areas.

The hunting ground is located on the right side of the middle part of Váh River; between cities Trenčín and Nové Mesto nad Váhom. The ground is largely populated with roe deer, deer, mouflons and wild boars; plants are mainly represented with beech and oak forests; and the highest point is Dúžnik Peak (807 m).

Besides hunting, hunters have also responsibility for animals´ care and nature protection. Throughout the year, therefore, they perform various functions and activities (e. g. grass mowing, protection of arable lands from animals, nutrition support in winter, and construction of feed facilities).

Currently, the Ivanovce Hunting Ground number counts 33 regular members.



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