General Information


District:  Trenčín
Geographic Region: White Carpathian Mountains- Trenčín micro region
Population: 999 (as of 31 DEC 2019)
Total area: 1,500 hectares
First written reference: in 1398


.Ivanovce is a small village located in the west part of Slovakia. According to the administrative classification of the Slovak Republic, it is a part of Trenčín region and is located in the southwest part of Trenčín district. Neighbouring villages are Chocholná-Velčice and Melčice-Lieskové on the northwest, Krivosúd-Bodovka on the east and Štvrtok on the south. West border of the village represents also the Trenčín region´s border and neighbouring villages in this part are Nová Bošáca and Bošáca