Obec Ivanovce


In summer 1928, a group of enthusiastic students from Ivanovce village organised an initial meeting which was aimed to establish a local sport club. The newly established club was named “Sport Club Ivanovce”. Besides various sport activities the club also participated in organisation of activities during the national holidays, presentations, dramatic performances and stage entertainments; and kept close professional bonds with neighbouring villages and organised trips to various places in Moravia (e. g. Bojkovice, Březová).

In period 1935 – 1936, a number of local sport officials left Ivanovce village due to seeking job opportunities what caused a significant decline in the local sport club´s activities. In 1936 – 1937, a new generation of enthusiastic volunteers re-vitalised sport life in the village. The Sport Club faced a difficult financial situation and football players had to buy all necessary equipment by themselves, except jerseys. Football pitch was located in the area of “Grassland under the Rock”. For travelling outside Ivanovce village to play football games the team used to use bicycles, transport carriages, and very rarely train.

During the war, the football activities were obviously reduced and the football pitch was seized to construct a road. The new one was built in “Beggar´s Meadow” where is located up to nowadays. The most famous period in the village´s football history were years 1958 – 1969. In that time, the football team played very successfully the District´s Football League. The “Sport Club Ivanovce” has been active since its establishment, except a period 1969 – 1970, and currently includes three football teams (youth, junior and adult). The Municipal Office of Ivanovce village is one the main supporters of all sport club´s activities.

For volleyball players a volleyball court is available in the near area of the football pitch.



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