Obec Ivanovce


General Information

Region: Trenčín
District: Trenčín
Geographic Region: White Carpathian Mountains – Trenčín micro region
Population 999 (as of 31 Dec 2019)
Total area: 1,500 hectares
First written reference in 1398


Ivanovce is a small village located in the west part of Slovakia. According to the administrative classification of the Slovak Republic, it is a part of Trenčín region and is located in the southwest part of Trenčín district. Neighbouring villages are Chocholná-Velčice and Melčice-Lieskové on the northwest, Krivosúd-Bodovka on the east and Štvrtok on the south. West border of the village represents also the Trenčín region´s border and neighbouring villages in this part are Nová Bošáca and Bošáca.    


Cadastral size of the village is 1,415.5 hectares and it consists of two parts that are elliptical in the NW – SE direction. The village is placed in the southeaster part of cadastral area. Relief of this area starts with plain landscape near Váh river (Trenčianska kotlina), then it elevates from upland (Bielokarpatské podhorie) into highland (Bošácke bradlá) and finally, it rises to the highland that is the highest part of entire cadastre (Lopenícka hornatina).   



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